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Small knowledge base about questions that are asked the most and their common answers.
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Q: What are the rates of the realms?
A: Both realms are x1 Blizzlike rates.

Q: Why is there no dungeon finder on classic!
A: There was never a dungeon finder on Classic.

Q: Why am I not getting any vote points?
A: You need to have at least 1,000 achievement points in the game in order to be eligible for point collection.

Q: Do you have plans for later expansions like Legion?
A: No. Not at this time.

Q: What are you doing now to fight hackers?
A: We are working on strengthening our anticheat for both realms. Our goal is to make our DANTICHAT so strong that it will be able to detect all hacks. Once we have reached that point, or close to it, we may lengthen the ban duration of hacks by a great deal. Our Game-Master team has also been working hard and we have expanded the team to increase efficiency in enforcing the rules and stopping hackers.

Q: Can I transfer between realms with different expansions?
A: No, you can't as of now. We do have intentions of allowing such a feature, for example classic 60 to our TLK realm.

Q: I lost my e-mail. What should I do?
A: Keep in mind that we do not support the retrieval of e-mails. However for the time being you may message an admin for assistance.

Q: I've been hacked. What can I do?
A: Please message an admin asap.

Q: I have a question about donations.
A: Currently donations towards DragonWoW will only don cosmetics on our TLK realm, we will not allow anything in our classic realm.

Q: How can I contact a GM?
A: Please submit a ticket in-game, this is the best way to get in contact, or ask a question on the forums.

Q: How can I contact a Forum Moderator?
A: You can either message me directly, or go to their profile and send them a private message.