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My name's Aidin Medinic but you can call me Knewklear aka Knewk. It's a nick I've had for 11 years (made it when CoD: MW first released).
I was born in Rijeka, Croatia. I moved to Ottawa, Ontario when I was 6 in 1999 and have lived here ever since.
My hobbies include singing, dancing (Breakdancing), martial arts (Karate and Wrestling), anime, and gaming (MMORPG, racing, and FPS).
The only version of WoW I've ever played was WotLK. Since it's release to now. And only on private servers. I've tried a bit of classic, TBC, and Cata, but nothing beats WotLK.
I have plenty of experience in leadership and discipline. I've run lots of guilds and lead lots of raids :ugeek:
My favourite class is the Rogue and my favourite race are the Dwarves. STONEFORM! :mrgreen:
With me playing Rogue, you'd think my favourite aspect of play is PvP, and you're right. Also, being a Rogue, you can always get away with anything. Piss someone off? No problem. If they ever threaten to kill and camp you, good luck to them. Stealth for days :twisted:
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Hey there! :P

And welcome to the forums, yeah I love PvP personally, bgs are my fav out of the whole PvP scene.
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